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Standard Features for Denrich Ave Towns

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·     All exterior colours and features are selected by the Vendor.
·     Quality brick (and / or stone) front elevation, sides, and rear first storey only, as per elevation drawings
·     Prefinished, maintenance-free, quality siding, soffits, fascia and eaves troughs as per elevation drawings.
·     Maintenance-free, insul-glazed, prefinished, vinyl windows, complete with screens on operable windows. Exterior window frame colours as per Vendor exterior colour package. Basement windows are all sliders.  Window type is as per plan – casement or sliding.  Grilles style and pattern is as per elevation drawings. All glazing areas are subject to the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.
·     Fiberglass insulated entry doors with high-quality weather stripping – colour selected by Vendor.
·     Engraved address stone – location, size, and font style selected by Vendor.
·     Lifetime architectural asphalt shingles (shingle warranty as per manufacture’s specs) – colour selected by Vendor.
·     Lot graded to the requirements of the City, fully sodded front & rear (including boulevards) except areas with trees, shrubs & general shrub ground cover.   Final grading & sod installation schedule is as follows: homes that close Jan 1 - Jul 15 will be completed by Oct 31 of the same year, homes that close Jul 16 - Dec 31 completed by Jul 31 of next year.
·     Asphalt-paved driveway and walkway to front porch.  Double wide asphalt driveway (as per plan) & all types of on-grade hard surfaces (e.g. patios – if applicable) installed by July 31st of the year following the closing date.
·     Raised sectional steel, insulated garage door, as per elevation drawing.
·     Reinforced poured concrete porch as per model type, PVC posts (painted), as per plan, where applicable.  Concrete porches may or may not have an expansion joint(s). Expansion joints, including location, are at the Vendor’s discretion.
·     Deck as per plan with a portion of railing (where required by Ontario Building Code).
·     Common wall between units constructed with masonry products.
·     Basement floor to be 3" poured concrete over 6" of 3/4" stone.
·     Garage floor, as per plan, where applicable to be 4” poured concrete over compacted granular material complete with saw cut(s) for expansion purposes.
·     Garage walls and ceiling to be insulated (batts in walls and blown-in for ceiling).
·     8" poured concrete foundation walls complete with damp proofing and drainage membrane installed on 6" x 16" footings and foundation collector drains (where applicable) with one or more 47”x32” window as per basement plan.
·     Foundation parged from grade to brick line. (this is a masonry veneer for esthetic purposes and cannot be warranted).
·     Floor joists as per Ontario Building Code requirements and supporting beams and/or bearing walls as per model type with 3/4" tongue and groove, engineered floor sheathing, nailed and screwed to joists.
·     7/16” Engineered roof sheathing.
·     Engineered roof trusses. All truss configurations are subject to the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.
·     2” x 6” @ 16” o.c. exterior walls with R5 insulated sheathing and R20 batt insulation in walls.
·     R50 blown-in insulation in attic and R50 insulation in sloped areas.
·     Exterior basement walls framed with 2” x 6”’s (where required) @ 24” o.c., insulated with full height R20 batts and 6 mil poly with a moisture barrier.
·     Continuous interior air barrier on all floor belts, wall headers & wall assemblies; sealed electrical boxes on all exterior walls; acoustical sealant of air/vapour barrier at all joints & openings.
·     R35 spray foam insulation in floors over unheated space.
·     1/2" drywall throughout finished areas only, nailed and screwed to structural lumber.
·     The Vendor, if required by the municipality the house is being constructed in, will install a soil gas mitigation system that is in compliance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.  The Vendor will not install a soil gas mitigation system if the municipality the house is being constructed in does not require it.  All aspects of the soil gas mitigation system, including but not limited to the design, the location, and the technical specifications are determined at the sole discretion of the Vendor.
·     Cabinetry layout pre-selected by model type including one bank of pots & pans drawers, deep fridge upper cabinet with gable end, crown moulding, light valence, laminate countertops & standard vanities throughout.
·     Two open shelves above kitchen sink on one storey interior units only and two puck lights per kitchen shelf.
·     One storey models the cabinetry island is an optional feature and is not included in the base price.
·     Two storey models the cabinetry island is included in the base price.
·     Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity(ies) as per plan.  Purchaser’s choice from Vendor’s interior selection packages.
·     Cabinetry hardware & countertops supplied and installed.  Purchaser’s choice from Vendor’s interior selection packages.
·     Ceramic tile backsplash in kitchen.
·     Ceramic tile flooring as per plan (typically in foyer, main bath, laundry and ensuite bath).  Purchaser’s choice from Vendor’s interior selection packages.
·     Hardwood flooring as per plan (typically in kitchen, eating area and great room). Purchaser’s choice from Vendor’s interior selection packages.
·     Carpet flooring as per plan (typically stairs, halls, bedrooms, and basement (if applicable)).  Purchaser’s choice from Vendor’s interior selection packages.
·     Note:  The Purchaser acknowledges being advised that ceramic tile, hardwood flooring and carpeting are subject to pattern, shade and colour variations, and that hardwood flooring is subject to natural variations in colour and grain.  Furthermore, hardwood flooring is made of a natural material which is subject to natural shrinkage and expansion and the Purchaser will not hold the Vendor responsible for normal shrinkage and expansion.  To help control expansion and shrinkage the Vendor has added a humidifier as a standard feature.
·     Approx. 4" baseboard and approx. 2-5/8" casing painted throughout (trim may vary in width by 1/8").
·     Two panel interior doors, painted, size and type as per plan (pantry – if applicable - to have a one-lite etched glass door).
·     Exterior front door to have gripset with electronic deadbolt.
·     Interior doors to have lever style hardware and interior doors are either hinged or sliding (bi-pass) – doors as per plans.
·     Closets: Standard wire shelving or melamine shelving (as per plan).
·     Main and second floor ceilings to be 8’-0” tall and vaulted ceilings as per plan.
·     California stipple ceilings except the bathroom(s), laundry, and other possible moisture sensitive locations.
·     Studio walls (approx 42” tall) around openings – where required by the Ontario Building Code & at Vendor’s discretion.
·     Walls, interior trim, and doors painted with latex paint.  Purchaser’s choice of colour from Vendor’s interior selection packages.  Miscellaneous trim pieces (e.g. railings & cappings) stained to similar colour of hardwood flooring.
·     Garage drywalled and painted with one coat of latex paint.  Vendor to select garage wall colour.
·     Mirror(s) installed over bath vanities, 36" high and full width of vanity, (oval cut mirror installed over pedestal basins).
·     Unfinished floors in basement painted.  Vendor to select basement floor colour.
·     On lots 75 and 76 Denrich the stair treads are approximately 10.5” deep.
·     On lots 77, 78, and 79 Denrich the stair treads are approximately 8.5” deep.
·     One storey end unit - 5' white shower in ensuite (SH5).
·     One storey end unit - 5' white tub/shower in main bath (TS5).
·     One storey interior unit - 5' white tub/shower in ensuite (TS5).
·     One storey interior unit - neoangle shower with glass doors in bath.
·     All two storey units - 5' white shower in ensuite (SH5).
·     All two storey units - 5' white tub/shower in main bath (TS5).
·     SH5 is a one-piece acrylic 5’ shower (white) including cap and seat, complete with pressure-balance faucet (chrome) and shower curtain rod.
·     TS5 is a one-piece acrylic 5’ tub and shower (white) including cap, complete with pressure-balance faucet (chrome) and shower curtain rod.
·     Neo-angle shower (white) is complete with pressure-balance faucet (chrome) and shower door (chrome and obscure glass).
·     Rough-in for water softener.
·     China basin(s) (white) complete with lever style faucet (chrome).
·     Toilet (white) with lined tank – comfort height & elongated toilets (including basement bath if applicable).
·     Stainless steel double sink with ledge back and single lever deck faucet (chrome).
·     Built-in dishwasher (stainless steel) supplied and installed.
·     Connections provided for Purchaser's washer and electric dryer, as per plan and model type.  Exterior vent provided for dryer exhaust. The bottom of the oatey box (if applicable) will be installed 42” to 44” above the subfloor.    Some washer and dryer connections are installed to accommodate a ‘stacked’ washer & dryer.
·     Plastic laundry tub with faucet located as per plan.
·     Rough-in for 3-piece bath in basement, as per plan, where applicable.
·     The Purchaser acknowledges that the power-vent gas water heater (“water heater”) to be installed by the Vendor meets the Ontario Building Code requirements and is supplied by a third party on a rental basis and agrees, on closing, to assume the Vendor’s obligations with respect to the water heater in accordance with the third party’s then standard terms and conditions and at the third party’s then standard rental rates and hereby acknowledges the third party’s title and ownership of the water heater.  This obligation shall survive the closing of the transaction.  In the event the Purchaser removes the water heater and/or terminates the contract with the third party and said action(s) incur a penalty to the Vender the Purchaser agrees the penalty shall be on the Purchaser’s account and agrees to pay the penalty.
·     At least two tubs/showers connected to Drainwater Heat Recovery coil (unless only one tub and/or shower is installed).
·     Back flow valve (where required) installed on sanitary line.
·     Sealed sump pit & pump installed, discharged to storm sewer.
·     Water meter installed but supplied by the municipality.
·     Two exterior water taps installed as per plan.
·     Decorative kitchen faucet with ‘pull down’ feature.
·     Waterline to fridge – connection of waterline to fridge after closing by Purchaser.
·     Forced air, high-efficiency gas furnace, (96% AFUE two-stage gas valve), with digital programmable thermostat. Vendor to install a furnace that is sized to meet the requirements of the O.B.C and official HVAC plan. The Purchaser and Vendor do not determine the size of the furnace – The O.B.C and official HVAC plan do.
·     Central air conditioning (sized as per HVAC plan).
·     Simplified HRV (min. 75% efficient) and flow through humidifier.
·     Prewired and jacks installed for a combined total of 6 cable televisions and/or telephones.
·     Minimum 100-amp circuit breaker panel with copper wiring throughout.
·     Smoke detectors, door chime kit, kitchen valance lights (under upper cabinets), unfinished basement and interior garage light fixtures supplied by Vendor.
·     Heavy duty stove receptacle and dedicated outlet for refrigerator and microwave, all kitchen outlets are split receptacles.
·     Quality light fixtures – all light fixtures select by Vendor.
·     Pot lights on main floor (typically in kitchen and great room) as per Vendor’s electrical plan.
·     Exhaust fans vented to exterior in the bathroom(s).
·     Two exterior weatherproof electrical receptacles with ground fault breaker feature.
·     Rough-in for future security system.
·     Decora style switches and standard style plugs, all in white.
·     Rough-in for central vacuum system (pipe and low voltage wiring is roughed in to unfinished basement area).
·     Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms installed as per the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.
·     Garage door opener with keyless and entry and remote.
·     Gas line for BBQ (quick connect), gas line for stove, gas line for dyer (connection of stove/dryer to gas line by Purchaser).
·     Over The Range Microwave (OTR) supplied and installed by the Vendor.
·     Change Orders: The foregoing specifications supersede any verbal discussions that the Purchaser may have had with the Vendor prior to execution of this agreement.  Furthermore, any subsequent alterations to the plan and/or specifications must be in the form of a written change order, signed by both the Purchaser and the Vendor.
·     Satellite TV Wires: The Vendor does not install “rough in” wires for satellite dishes (e.g. attic to the electrical panel).
·     Bulkheads: The Purchaser acknowledges the home may include bulkheads and boxed out walls to accommodate and/or conceal plumbing and mechanical systems.  These bulkheads and boxed out walls will vary from home to home and the Vendor reserves the right to install bulkheads and boxed out walls as required.  Furthermore, the finishing detail of the bulkheads and location of the bulkheads is at the sole discretion of the Vendor.
·     Warranty: The Purchaser receives substantial warranty protection as set out by the Tarion Warranty Program (in accordance with the Ontario New Home Warranty Act).  Under the plan, the Vendor warrants that the house will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year.  There is a two-year warranty with respect to electrical, plumbing, heating systems, cladding, caulking, windows, and doors, and the building envelope (all parts of the structure that contain the living space is free of water penetration).  The Vendor warrants for two years that the basement remains free of water penetration through the foundation.  The Purchaser is protected for seven years against major structural defects with the Tarion Warranty Program.
·     Rebates: Prices include the HST with the rebates assigned to the builder. When the pre-tax sales price exceeds $350,000 the Federal New Housing Rebate is reduced. When the pre-tax sales price exceeds $400,000 the Provincial New House rebate is capped at $24,000. This note is to inform the Purchaser that when an item is added to the house after the agreement is signed that increases the pre-tax sales price the Federal and Provincial Housing rebates will be adjusted and the amount the rebate is adjusted will be determined after all selections are finalized and the total rebate will be known at the time the final closing documents are signed at the Purchaser’s lawyer’s office (typically 2 weeks prior to closing).
·     Glass Area: The Ontario Building Code limits the amount of glass (glazing area) in all houses – should the amount of glass area in the house exceed the limit set by the OBC some windows and doors will either have to be removed or changed to a smaller size to ensure the OBC requirement is met – glass area is calculated at the drawing review stage.
·     Vanity & Cabinet Sizes: All cabinet sizes shown on plans are approximate and subject to change – final cabinet sizes are determined at the cabinetry selection meeting.
·     Allowances: All allowance amounts noted in Schedule “C” include HST and are not exact prices – exact prices will be provided once a final decision on the product is determined – allowance figures are based on the experience of supplying and installing these products (e.g. a typical ceramic backsplash is $1,200).
·     Window Wells: Amount of exposed metal window well (if applicable) seen through any size of basement window is determined by the Engineer's lot grading plan and not by the Vendor - metal window wells (if applicable) have to be installed by the Vendor in order to obtain a grading certificate.
·     Product Selections: During the sales process, many products are on display in Presentation Centres and other houses – the Vendor cannot guarantee that all the same products will still be available at the time selections are made (suppliers can discontinue products without notification). All selections are to be from Vendor’s samples.  In the event a selection(s) or detail(s) is in contravention of the Ontario Building Code the Ontario Building Code takes precedence.
·     Variations in Products: All products are subject to variations in colour, texture, and other esthetic traits of the product.  For example, red brick A installed at 123 Apple Street may look different then red brick A installed at 789 Orange Street - there are acceptable variation tolerances in each product and the Vendor cannot guarantee that products will be the same from house to house. The Vendor reserves the right to substitute a comparable, alternative product for any of the products and/or materials included in the construction of the home without the express permission of the Purchaser.
·     Interior Vaulted Ceilings: Interior vaulted ceilings may have to be adjusted or removed from a house if there is not adequate attic space for insulation due to the pitch of the roof on the exterior.