Hayhoe Homes

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Hayhoe Homes Head Office
1 Barrie Boulevard
St.Thomas, Ontario, N5P 4B9
Contact: Maureen Fishback
Phone: 519.633.2050
Fax: 519.633.2037
Email: Email Me
74 Carolina Cres
St.Thomas, Ontario, N5R 0E9
Contact: Dave Matthews
Phone: 519.633.9215
Fax: 519.633.0646
Email: Email Me
Orchard Park South
59 Carolina Cres
St.Thomas, Ontario, N5R 0A2
Contact: Janell Heyerman
Phone: 519.637.8749
Fax: 519.637.0306
Email: Email Me
Andrews Crossing
94 Dereham Drive
Tillsonburg, Ontario, N4G 0G4
Contact: Donna Smith
Phone: 519.842.2435
Fax: 519.842.6875
Email: Email Me

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