Hayhoe Homes

Floor Plans

Building a home is an exciting time! At Hayhoe Homes we help you in your search for a new home by providing a number of options for building or purchasing a new home. When you choose Hayhoe Homes for the construction of a new home we make sure that it is built to your specifications. We review plans with you before construction begins and you complete a selections process with a professional Design Consultant. 
In the single family product line we offer one storey, two storey, and split level plans and we're happy to customize the plan to your liking. The Town Villa and Contemporary Town product is a great way to have all the benefits of a new home at a lower price point!
We have a condominium community for anyone looking for the 'condominium lifestyle' and within the condo community you can select your house design and customize it to your liking!
If you'd like to have all the benefits of owning a new home but want to skip the building process - check out one of our Quick Possession Homes!
The custom homes team is available for anyone looking to build the custom home of their dreams!   Our rental properties are new, clean, and professionally managed to ensure all our tenants feel right at home!