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Realtor Cooperation

Realtor Cooperation

Thank you for your interest in selling a Hayhoe Home to your client!

Hayhoe Homes cooperates with Realtors. We ask Realtors to register their clients with Hayhoe Homes when the Realtor first introduces their client to Hayhoe Homes.

Hayhoe Homes will pay a commission as outlined in the Potential Client Referral Form. There are two ways to obtain the Potential Client Referral Form. You can click on the link below or you can visit one of our Presentation Centres and ask the Sales Representative for a copy of the form.

If you have any questions in regard to the Potential Client Referral Form please contact Joe Hayhoe at 519.633.2050 ext 234.

Best regards,
Hayhoe Homes.

Potential Client Referral Form