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Tarion Warranty

Tarion Warranty

Tarion is a private corporation established in 1976 to administer the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, which outlines the warranty protection that all builders must provide to new home and condominium buyers in Ontario.

Tarion licenses home builders and ensures that they abide by this legislation, and that consumers are protected when builders fail to fulfill their warranty obligations. Most requests for warranty service are resolved between builders and owners without the intervention of Tarion. When necessary, Tarion will help homeowners and builders interpret the limits of the Act, and will intercede to protect consumers when builders fail to honour warranty obligations.

Eight times Tarion has awarded Hayhoe Homes an Award of Excellence.  Award recipients have been recognized by their home buyers for providing first-in-class after sales service.

For more information about Tarion Warranty Corporation and your new home’s warranty coverage, please visit www.tarion.com.  Tarion charges a fee to enroll a home in their warranty program - Hayhoe Homes pays this fee for their customers.