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A Semi-Detached house is one building with two units attached side by side with a common wall. All the features and colours for the Semi-Detached house are selected by a Designer and the unit is available on the date shown.  The price shown is the total price of the property (price includes the HST tax & applicable rebate(s), the lot, and all the upgraded features)! A Semi-Detached house with Premium Features includes basement finishing, a fireplace, backsplash tile in the kitchen, and other upgraded features (a a Semi-Detached house with Essential Features does not include these items).

Essential FEATURES
$15,000 Savings
Free Appliances
Lot 34A (House 12) Dunning Way - Pic - Ext Rendering 900x675.jpg
12 Dunning Way in St.Thomas - Orchard Park Meadows
Semi-Detached - 1,225 sq ft
$565,000 includes lot & tax - Closing Date December 14, 2023
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