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Complete Sales Process

The Sales, Selections, and Closing Process is outlined below.  The process is based on a Purchaser passing through the entire building process for a Single Family house (selecting the lot, the model, the colours, etc).  When a Townhome, Semi, Urban Town, or Inventory House is selected the process still applies but some of the steps are already completed (e.g. the selections for a Townhouse have been completed).

STEP 1  -
  • Provide Finance Approval Letter (FAL).
  • Provide Potential Client Referral Form (PCRF) (not always applicable).
  • Complete Financial Transactions & Reports Analysis Canada form (FINTRAC).
  • Provide Photo Identification.
  • Complete Optional Features list (not always applicable)
  • Complete Purchase & Build Information form.
  • Complete Lot & Unit Reservation form (not always applicable).
  • Provide deposit (via bank draft).

STEP 2  -
  • Select a lot (for more details about individual lots see the Notes Section on the lot price sheet or website).
  • If a lot is 47' wide, then subtract 8' for the side yards - a 47' wide lot accommodates a house that's 39' wide.
  • Select a house plan (plans are in floor plan package and shown on the website).
  • Minor revisions to the floor plan can be discussed with the Sales Representative.
  • Select features for the house (this step may have been started earlier - this is the Optional Features list).

STEP 3  -
  • The Sales Representative prepares a quotation based on the lot, house, and features selected.
  • Typically, it takes 20 to 50 days to select a lot, review the house plan, and prepare the quotations.
  • It takes 180 to 365 days to build a new home - a closing date will be in the agreement.

STEP 4  -
  • Once the Purchaser has selected all features an agreement can be signed.
  • The deposit structure to start building is outlined on the Frequently Asked Questions document.
  • Once the agreement is signed the Purchaser distributes copies TO their Mortgage Broker, Lawyer, & Realtor.

STEP 5  -
  • Some agreements will have conditions (e.g. conditional on finance approval or Lawyer review).
  • To remove the conditions an amendment is signed that states the conditions are removed.
  • Once the conditions are removed the agreement is firm.

STEP 6  -
  • The Builder draws the house plans based on the details in the agreement.
  • The Sales Representative reviews the drawings to ensure the items selected are shown on the drawings.
  • Once the drawing review is complete a building permit is obtained & the home is enrolled in Tarion.
  • Purchaser selects their appliances and obtains specification sheet for each appliance (will be needed later).

STEP 7  -
  • After the drawing review the Builder's Design Consultant contacts the Purchaser to arrange selections meetings (to select paint, flooring, lights, etc)
  • The Purchaser delivers a copy of their appliance specifications to the Design Consultant (shows opening sizes).
  • The selections process consists of approximately 3 to 6 meetings at the Builder's Selection Studio (spread out over approximately 30 to 60 days).
  • If the Purchaser fails to meet the selections timeline the Builder can extend the closing date (costs the Purchaser $200.00 per day) or irrevocably make the selections for the Purchaser.
  • An electrical plan is completed by the Builder (shows locations of lights, etc)

STEP 8  -
  • Approximately 45 days prior to closing the Purchaser directs their Lawyer to commence the closing process.
  • The Purchaser's & Builder's lawyers work together to collect all the information needed to close the transaction.
  • The final price of the house is comprised of the price in the agreement, changes made during the selections process, lawyer fees, land transfer fees, property tax adjustments, etc.
  • Once the final price is known the Purchaser arranges to meet their Lawyer to sign the necessary papers.
  • Approximately 30 days prior to closing the Purchaser contacts each utility provider and sets up accounts.

STEP 9  -
  • Approximately 15 to 25 days prior to the closing the Builder will contact the Purchaser to confirm the PDI.
  • At the PDI the Purchaser meets the Builder's Service Team and inspects the house.
  • Between the PDI and the closing date the Service Team completes the deficiencies noted on the PDI list.
  • At the PDI the Purchaser and the Service Team arrange how the keys will be delivered on the closing date.

STEP 10  -
  • The Purchaser's Lawyer and Builder's Lawyer work together to ensure the successful transfer of funds.
  • Once the funds are transferred the Service Team delivers the keys and the Purchaser can move in!

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