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Free Appliances and $15,000 Off the Price!

November 12, 2023

Purchase a qualified property between October 10, 2023 and December 16, 2023 and receive $10,000 in free appliances  AND  $15,000 off the price of the house!  That's $25,000 in savings for you!   If you do not need appliances we will give you $25,000 off the price of the house!   Speak to a Sales Representative for complete details.

This offer applies to Inventory Homes that are being built now and will be finished before December 31, 2023!   A list of Inventory Homes is available by clicking here.

This offer is null and void after October 15, 2024 and no consideration (financial or otherwise) will be given to the Purchaser after October 15, 2024.   Appliances must be purchased between October 15, 2023 and October 15, 2024.  To be eligible for the $10,000 incentive the Purchaser is responsible to present a signed copy of this voucher to Goemans and arrange an appointment with a Goemans Sales Representative.  The $10,000 incentive is only valid for the Purchaser(s) listed on the Agreement of Purchaser and Sale and cannot be transferred to other parties.  The $10,000 incentive is inclusive of 13% HST (e.g. $8,849.56 X 1.13% = $10,000).

The appliances must be delivered to the property purchased from Hayhoe Homes and delivery must be after the closing date. Hayhoe Homes will not accept appliance delivery on the Purchaser’s behalf.  Goemans, at their sole discretion, determines which appliances are eligible for this offer and which appliances are not eligible.   Purchasers select appliances at the Goemans store in South London, Ontario.

The Purchaser manages the delivery, install, and connection of appliances to the fuel source.  Hayhoe Homes will not deliver, install, or connect appliances to the fuel source.  The Purchaser, if necessary, is responsible to modify any aspect related to install and connection of appliances, including, but not limited to: cabinetry adjustments, gas connections, gas line adjustments, etc.   Goemans offers delivery and install services – Purchaser to communicate to Goemans about these topics, including, but not limited to the delivery time, delivery date, costs for install, etc.

In the event the full $10,000 value is not used Hayhoe Homes will not refund the portion below $10,000 (e.g. total appliance purchase is $8,800 then Hayhoe Homes will not refund the $1,200 portion below $10,000).

In the event the total purchase value exceeds $10,000 the Purchaser pays for the portion over $10,000 (e.g. total appliance purchase is $12,300 then Hayhoe Homes pays $10,000 and the Purchaser pays $2,300).

The process of payment is as follows: Goemans invoices Hayhoe Homes for $10,000 (inclusive of HST) or for the amount below $10,000 (e.g. $8,800).  The Purchaser pays for the portion over $10,000 (e.g. $2,300) by the method they agree to with Goemans (e.g. credit card, cheque, etc).

The Purchaser agrees that Hayhoe Homes and Tarion do not warranty any aspect of the appliances and warranty coverage is through Goemans/the Manufacturer and it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to manage warranty topics.


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